Aurora Review

Hey, what’s going on everyone? This is Vondrick Harrison. Welcome to my Aurora review.


Product Summary:

First of all, Aurora is Jono’s product. He created this product and all of these training videos are done by himself. It’s a really great software. 

Again, Jono made this software.

. That’s why John created Aurora.

Now it works as a two-part software system. The first part here is the traffic. Aurora will get you traffic from Pinterest. If you get the upgrade it

will get you traffic from Instagram as well. 

How does it do this? Well, what you need to do is to follow the followers of your target. Your target can be a public figure in your niche or it can be one of your competitors. 

. You know they are a few of the big names as well.

Each of them have millions of followers.

of Grant Cardone and follow the followers of Alex Becker.



On that bio you’re gonna have a call to action with a link. Now the second part of Aurora is going to be a static page which has an automated webinar.

Jono knows this from experience to sell people on to a high ticket offer. 

It means a product that’s gonna cost upwards of a thousand dollars which you will get a commission of fifty percent. That is$500 up to $1,000 Commission, right? 

You set this up in Aurora and Jono will show you in a second which has this automated webinar where a professional marketer is doing the selling on your behalf.

You don’t need to do any selling and don’t need to create anything. All you need to do is on this page set this with your affiliate link and this button will


whole process works on autopilot. 

You know after you’ve set it up your targets, your Instagram accounts, your

Now Jono is making the process as simple as possible by giving you the

traffic and giving you the offers where somebody else is selling this for you. 

I’ll be breaking it down.

Aurora game-changing software automates

$1,000 Commission’s 24/7 income stream

without expenses and without BS. 

Awesome Bonuses:

Okay now let’s talk about bonuses…My bonuses are exclusive and they’re not gonna be available through anybody else’s affiliate link apart from mine.


1 OTO Bonuses Here:

2 OTO Bonuses Here:

Now what I want you to do is… go and check out

this sales page to watch the whole thing. It’ll give

you more indication about how Aurora

works and what it can do for you

Now, I’m gonna dive into the members area now click link below

Demo of the product:

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